2017 has been a year of creativity for Sue Arnson. She continues to love painting and watercolor, trying to paint on a daily basis. Monoprints are still a major interest of hers. Sue spent much of the winter exploring the art of “paper painting” (collage) and producing small 6×6 pieces as well as larger works. Visit her studio which has a room for “dirty” work (painting, etc.) and another room with a small gallery. Watch her demonstrate how art is made while sitting in soft chairs, listening to music, and having a snack.

The Loft Shop
9415 Rock Lodge Road Accident, Maryland 21520


Traveling West: Take I-68W to Exit 19. Turn left onto Route 495/Bittinger Road. * After 9 miles pass the Bittinger Mennonite Church on the right; 0.5 miles after the church there is a yellow Loft Shop sign on the right. Turn right and continue down the lane.

Traveling East: Take I-68E to Exit 19. Turn right onto Rt. 495/Bittinger Road. Follow above directions from asterisk*.