Sue Arnson

About the Artist

Sue Arnson is a retired educator who began her second career in art. She and her husband, Alan Arnson, own and operate The Loft Shop in Bittinger, MD, and support the arts in their community through participation in a broad variety of arts programming, artist tours and advocacy.

The Artist’s Work

Sue’s studio is in a unique rural setting where the Arnsons live and do their creative work.    The studio is a separate building that houses her working space and a small gallery space. Sue began as a watercolor painter later in life.  She also makes monoprints from a gelatin plate and collage. Sue truly believes that it is her responsibility to show people how art is actually made, therefore creating appreciation of the arts.   

Visit the Studio: 

The Loft Shop, 9415 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

See the Work:

The Loft Shop

Contact the Artist:

Telephone: 301.245.4528