Pattysue Winters

About the Artist

Pattysue Winters is a co-owner of The General Art Store in Frostburg, MD, and participates in a variety of ways to champion the arts in her community. She is an active member of the Western Maryland Watercolor Society.

The Artist’s Work

Pattysue creates with a cornucopia of media in the 1817 Stonehouse Studio. The 1817 family homeplace is a showpiece of history. Scenic country views provide an abundance of material for her photography and inspiration for her artwork. The 1817 Stonehouse Studio is near the historic Mason-Dixon Line on Bald Knob, above Mount Savage. Come for the art and sit awhile on our porch to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Visit the Studio: 

1817 Stonehouse Studio, 14611 Blank Road, N.W., Mount Savage, MD 21545

Contact the Artist:

Telephone:   301.264.3210