Meg Romero

About the Artist

Meg Romero was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, and after a first career in high-end residential design and fifteen years designing and building full-scale furniture, she has moved to the miniatures market, capturing all of the craftsmanship and beauty in things large now in pint-size. 

The Artist’s Work

Artful and Exotic Interiors… in miniature!

Handcrafted boxes, finely detailed and decoratively painted.  By themselves, the boxes make an artful statement, but their fanciful exteriors mask the real magic of the work – that which lies within. It isn’t until one peers through portals of varying sizes and shape that the box gives way to the artful and exotic miniature interiors, or has been said… “Vignettes of Imagination”.Cubby holes, secret doors, ladders, miniature furniture, all working in chorus to tell the story of the unseen characters.  I welcome you to my studio to ponder the situation, and conjure up your own narrative…

Visit the Studio: 

Meg Romero Studio, 55 Baltimore Street, Cumberland, MD 21502

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Meg Romero Studio

Contact the Artist:

Telephone: 240.478.5989