Marcy Brack

About the Artist

Brack is a retired nurse, new to the Cumberland area, having lived most recently in Colorado. She has been inspired by the works of her mother plus the influence of the artist, Georgia O’Keefe, and the landscape of Western Maryland, which was quite a contrast to the familiar mountains Colorado.

She began a spiritual journey by joining the Emmanuel Parish, teaching yoga for self-discovery and connecting with her passion. Those influences affected her style of capturing the softness of her subjects with light, the blending of colors.

The Artist’s Work

Working in a variety of mediums allows me to capture the essence of the image. Soft pastels render the bright colors and contrast while oil pastels allow the softness and details of the subject to show. Moving to Western Maryland three years ago captured my attention—the soft hues of green and blue in contrast to the harsh, dry landscape of Colorado. I like painting landscapes that bring you into the moment of a misty morning, evening sunset, stormy clouds or dancing shadows in the woods. When painting animals, I capture their spirit through their eyes. As a yoga instructor, I allow myself to be present, grounded in my environment, translating my spirit into my artwork.

Visit the Studio: 

Rising Sun Yoga Studio & Art Gallery, 109 N. Johnson Street, Cumberland MD 21502

Contact the Artist:

Telephone: 301.268.2208