Hilmar Gottesthal

About the Artist

Artist and sculptor Hilmar Gottesthal is from Carinthia, Austria, but has spent time circling the globe during his life and career. He studied at the University of Vienna and the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 1966, earning the two highest art awards given to students. During his career, he’s amassed a wide variety of accomplishments, which include the partial restoration of the Neo-Gothic Votive Church in Vienna, and 30 years painting and sculpting the ancient ruins and religious icons in both Greece and Turkey.

Gottesthal created a stained glass ornament now housed in the nation’s White House permanent collection, has been featured on Maryland Public Television, and continues to paint, carve and sculpt in his home studio, where he resides with his photographer wife, Penny Knobel-Besa.

The Artist’s Work

International artist Hilmar Gottesthal believes that the role of an artist is that of a chronicler. Historically any culture is judged by the standard of its art; there is need of knowledge of past and present humanity as well as awareness of the natural world. “I am open to receiving information about events around the globe.  I choose building blocks for future enlightenment. This is why I paint and create whether in watercolor, oil or sculpt wood, stone, or marble.” Gottesthal has artwork in several museums in Austria and Turkey; Greece made a movie of his life as an artist.  

Visit the Studio: 

Sanctuary Studios, 13910 Scofield Road N.E., Flintstone, MD 21530

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Sanctuary Studios

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Telephone: 301.478.2735
E-Mail: hilmar@gottesthal.com