Ed Coffey

About the Artist

Raised and educated in Chicago, Coffey had a career in the animation business practicing in Los Angeles, Munich, and London. Due to a circuitous set of circumstances, Cumberland became his home.

The Artist’s Work

The abstract pieces that I do usually involve melting plastic and/or extruding plastic onto yet more plastic, then playing with acrylics, alcohol inks and spray paint until the thing looks right. This is technique as subject matter. The pieces done on canvas involve more draftsmanship and traditional structure–so my work is either jazz or classical. Come on down, and you’ll see what I mean.

Visit the Studio: 

T.J. Jenkins Studio
112 Sunset Drive
LaVale, MD 21502

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Contact the Artist

Telephone: 301.876.3388
E-Mail: etcof67@atlanticbb.net