Connie Pardini

About the Artist

It began innocently enough….one day, my then 6 year old daughter broke her simple (but favorite!) beaded stretch bracelet. I purchased stretchy cord and fixed it, made a few more, and thought “hey, this is rather fun”. I did a web search for “bracelet making”….found some information and tutorials, read, read some more….bought some craft wire….bought some beads…..and started playing. I’ve been hooked on wire and metal from the very beginning.

Entirely self taught, I’ve learned, and am still learning, most of my techniques through reading, internet tutorials, & a LOT of experimentation. After about a year, I’d made too much jewelry for one person to wear, so I started selling a few items on Ebay. After the first busy holiday season, I decided that, really, I should have my own website. Which led to more learning. Then a neighbor suggested I sell my items at a local artisan shop…I very nervously took some of my work in, they liked it!! So now I have what amounts to my own business….all from a child’s broken stretch bracelet!

The Artist’s Work

I work with metal and metal found objects, often combining several together. Copper, sterling, vintage flatware, horseshoe nails, hardware: in my hands, it gets turned into jewelry, ornaments, mobiles, little trees. Most of my work tends to be rustic, natural, wearable, quirky & fun. I’m not a fan of shiny, or of things that don’t make sense for everyday wear. I make what I make because it’s what I love to do. I’ve been told frequently by my customers that they can tell, when speaking to me about my work, that I put my heart & soul into it, and that my enthusiasm shows in my creations.

Visit the Studio: 

The Loft Shop, 9415 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

See the Work:

Wirestorm Creations

Contact the Artist:

Telephone: 412.926.3026