Chris Sloan

About the Artist

Much of my career has been in graphic design. I was the art director of several publications, including National Geographic Magazine. I have written feature articles for the magazine and many children’s books on science. I am also interested in science illustration and information visualization and have written and conducted workshops on these topics. I teach classes in Science Visualization, Visual Storytelling, Contexts of Information Visualization, Perception in Design and Wildlife Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the Art Academy University in San Francisco.

The Artist’s Work

When asked to describe my artwork I use the term conceptual realism. It is conceptual because there is always an idea behind the image. It is realism because my style tends to be more realistic than not. This approach, both conceptual and realistic, naturally leads to tension. That tension is what a friend once referred to as a “Renaissance meets Dali” quality in my work. I hope that my art is not as inscrutable as Dali’s nor as formulaic as some Renaissance art.

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Chris Sloan Studio, 514 Washington Street, Cumberland, MD 21502

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Christopher P. Sloan Studio

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Telephone: 301.919.3494