Chayo de Chevez

About the Artist

Chayo de Chevez is an accomplished printmaker, painter and lecturer who resides in Cumberland, MD. She studied in Mexico and Italy, and has worked and exhibited around the globe. Her extensive travels have greatly influenced her artwork and approach.

The Artist’s Work

Graphicus Atelier is a professionally equipped, 1,500-square-foot studio and gallery dedicated to the art of fine printmaking, available for personal use and individual instruction. We offer a variety of services to artists, collectors, exhibitors and the public. Methods employed are the latest safe alternatives in the work studio. Graphicus Atelier offers classes, workshops and demonstrations on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Artists may also rent shop time, take advantage of the Open Studio program, work independently or contact us to print editions.

Visit the Studio: 

Graphicus Atelier, 47 Baltimore Street, Cumberland, MD 21502

See the Work:

Graphicus Atelier

Contact the Artist:

Telephone: 301.722.0018