Angela Hedderick

About the Artist

I have worn many hats in my life, but currently I am working as a mother, farmer, and artist. Whenever I don’t have a paintbrush in my hand I can usually be found playing outside with my children, weeding the garden, or rounding up chickens that interpret the term ‘free range’ too literally. I have done quite a few ‘home portraits’ of both contemporary and historic homes in Western Maryland, including Terra Angelica and Evergreen Estates. I also love painting landscapes, my neighbor’s cows, garden produce, and my kids.

The Artist’s Work

As an oil painter, there never seems to be an end to new things to learn or new techniques to practice and refine. My paintings have changed a great deal in the last ten years, and I hope I continue to move forward for as long as I am able to paint. The best part of being an artist, especially in a small town, is getting to meet people at events like this and see their reactions to my paintings. The smiles, or even tears, let me know that my work has meaning to others.

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Mission Evolution, 302 N. Centre Street, Cumberland MD 21502

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Angela Hedderick

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Telephone: 301.724.4457