Alexandra Brawn

About the Artist

Alexandra “Ally” Brawn first sat down at a pottery wheel nine years ago. She earned her a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in ceramics and sculpture, from Frostburg State University. Along with her private work, she also works for Mythical Masks.

The Artist’s Work

As an oil painter, there never seems to be an end to new things to learn or new techniques to practice and refine. My paintings have changed a great deal in the last ten years, and I hope I continue to move forward for as long as I am able to paint. The best part of being an artist, especially in a small town, is getting to meet people at events like this and see their reactions to my paintings. The smiles, or even tears, let me know that my work has meaning to others.

Visit the Studio: 

Ally B. Ceramics Studio, 126 East Potomac Street, Cumberland, MD 21502

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Ally B. Ceramics

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Telephone: 301.707.2212