Sharon Smith Schade is a potter, sculptor, painter and she teaches Art at Allegany High School, Cumberland, Md. She received her B.A. In Art education from West Virginia University and Masters in Curriculum and instruction from FSU in 1996.

Sharon’s love of clay began in 1977 when she enrolled in a beginner’s ceramic class at WVU that was taught by Bob Anderson. This was the first time that she saw a potter demonstrating how to throw a cylinder that became a vase and that was it.

Sharon continued to study ceramics at WVU until 1979 and then enrolled in ceramics at Frostburg State University and studied with Chuck Stump and Jackie Brown until she received her Master’s degree in 1996. Beyond clay, Sharon is interested in her beloved husband and dogs, showing artwork with my son, Michael Hunter Thompson, hanging out with my two beautiful granddaughters, Olivia and Scarlett and their mother, Nicki and floating the river.

Nature plays a large role in my inspiration for both the design and decoration of my pottery, sculptures and paintings. Raised in Piedmont and Keyser, West Virginia I started making artwork with my mother, Barbara Smith and my great Aunt Philo Adams when I was in elementary school. As a child my friends and I would hike in the woods and dig up red clay and create bowls and animals. I enjoy creating creatures out of clay and paper clay and adding found objects found in nature such as sticks, deer antlers, rocks and moss. My grandfather was a hunter and I believe that seeing the beautiful deer, fish and antelope mounts on his and my grandmothers walls were a big influence on the work I create.

My paintings are usually about what is going on with my family or my dogs and cats. Each painting is a collage of events that have taken place in my life which tells a story.

I loved to use a lot of colors and patterns in my painting and sculptures I want the viewer to look at every detail and then have to look again to see if they have missed something. This year I would like to create painting and sculptures for people that would tell their story. If you are interested you can contact me at 301-697-9559.

Graphicus Atelier
47 Baltimore Street
Cumberland, MD 21502
(301) 722-0018

Traveling West: Take I-68 to Exit 43-C (Downtown). Turn left onto Harrison Street*, then right onto mechanic Street, right on to Pershing Street and left into the parking lot. The studio is located next to the Embassy Theater on the Baltimore Street Mall.

Traveling East: Take I-68 to Exit 43-C (Downtown). Turn left onto Queen City Drive. At the traffic light, turn left onto Harrison Street. Follow about directions from asterisk*.

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