Matice is a printmaker and painter from Arizona who currently resides in Flintstone, Maryland. After graduating from the University of Arizona in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Studio Art, Matice worked in the non-profit and education sectors for the next 10 years before returning to art making in the fall of 2014. Major themes in Matice’s work include race, grief, healing, and spirituality. Matice also holds a master’s of arts degree in Education and a certificate in Spirituality and Social Change.

Three Hollows Farm
25001 Koontz Rd. NE
Flintstone, MD 21530

From Cumberland, take I-68 East to the 15-Mile Creek Rd. exit. Turn left and cross over the highway then take the first left onto Rt. 144 West and follow it for approximately 1 mile.  Go past Old Williams Road and take the next left onto Koontz Rd. (gravel road). Be careful turning – it’s a blind curve. Follow Koontz Rd. 1 mile to the end and turn right over the wooden bridge into the driveway.  The studio will be on your left. Call 301-758-2987 if you get lost. If you’re coming from the east, turn right at the end of the 15-Mile Creek Rd. exit and follow the directions above.

From the driveway to the summer kitchen is about 30 feet on a level gravel walkway.  There’s a bathroom adjacent to the studio. It’s two steps up to the summer kitchen and one to the bathroom.  Neither is wheelchair accessible but we will be happy to provide portable ramps if necessary.

Beer, wine, soft drinks, refreshments and an assortment of organic pickles and chutneys from Three Hollows Farm will be served.  

The showing will be in the summer kitchen built on the foundation of a mid-1800s barn by Cornwell Restoration and Remodeling.

If there are dogs outside when you get here, beep your horn so we can round them up.  They’re noisy but very friendly and completely oblivious to the hazards of moving vehicles.  

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