Vibrant colors, playful imagery and bold lines are what make up a G.P.Malloy painting, because those are things that make up the artist, Gregory P. Malloy.

Through my proverbial rose-colored glasses, I see great beauty and infinite joy in the world around me.With each piece of art, I strive to capture that beauty and joy and translate it onto the canvas so my audience can see the world through the same lenses.

My true passion and strengths lie within my acrylic-on-canvas abstract and impressionistic works, But I enjoy challenging myself by painting less traditional items such as cardboard slabs, porcelain plates, metal, etc.

Pressure and procrastination play a vital role in my creative process; I work best with a deadline looming over my head. With a feverish pitch, I build and stretch my own canvases from raw materials, before bringing a painting to life. This give me the opportunity to work in a verity of sizes. I enjoy the large-scale pieces the most, which I often create in the front yard of studio, where once again, the beauty and joy in the world find a way to inspire me.

Before I set out on my artistic journey, many years ago,I made the decision that if my optimism and sense of humor couldn’t join me, then I wasn’t going! Hopefully you will enjoy the path I’ve carved out; thank you for coming along.